Policies and Fees

Freedom to Read
This statement, by the American Library Association, demonstrates our belief in patrons' freedom to read.
Behavior in the Library
Policy Resolution
These documents outline our behavior policy and guidelines of behavior while using the library.
Community Rooms
Application Form & Policies
These documents outline our policies, regulations, and application form for using the meeting rooms and other community rooms.
Access to Library Materials
Policy Resolution
This statement outlines our policy regarding who can access materials and how those materials can be accessed.
Objection to Materials
Feedback Form
This form provides an outlet for feedback on items that people find objectionable.
Parental Responsibility
Policy Resolution
This policy covers the responsibility of parents and/or guardians pertaining to materials checked out and services used by their dependents.
Use of Library Facilities
Policy Resolution
This document contains policy and guildelines pertaining to appropriate use of library facilities.
Internet and Computer Use Policy
Policy Resolution
This page details our policies, rules, and regulations for using computers and the Internet at the library.

Policies Regarding Circulation of Library Materials


Books - Adult 3 Weeks $.10/day
Books - Juvenile and Easy 3 Weeks $.10/day
New Books 2 Weeks $.10/day
Circulating Encyclopedias 1 Week $.10/day
Magazines & Newspapers (Limit 6 per title) 1 Week $.10/day
Interlibrary Loans* Varies $.10/day

*Limit of five Interlibrary Loan requests per individual a week.


Audio Books / Digital Books / Playaways
Instructional Multi Media
3 Weeks $.10/day
Kits (Books with CD or Tape) 3 Weeks $.10/day
E-readers (Glenside Public Library
District card holders only. No holds. No renewals.)
2 Weeks $3.00/day ($21 max)
Learning Games / Puzzles 3 Weeks $.10/day

DVD's & CD ROMS (limit 5)
Music CD's (limit 12)
Video Games (limit 2)
TV Series (limit 5)

1 Week
1 Week
1 Week
1 Week

$1.00/day ($21 max)
$1.00/day ($21 max)

Quick Flicks (No holds. No renewals, Limit 5.) 1 days $1.00/day ($21 max)
CD,Tape, and Game Players (In-House Only) 1 Hour $.20/hour
DVD Players (In-House Only) 3 Hours $.20/hour
Bicycle Locks 3 Hours $.20/hour


Fees may be charged for interlibrary loans.  Please return materials promptly.  Library materials may not be checked out and public computers may not be used if borrower owes $20.00 or more in fines and fees.  Long overdue materials that are more than 60 days overdue may be referred to a materials collection agency.  A collection fee of $9.00 will be assessed, per account.  Materials may be renewed on-line or by phone, if they are not on hold for other patrons.  Please renew before or on the due date to avoid overdue fines.

*Overdue Fines

Maximum fine accumulates up to $5.00 per item, except for e-readers, quick flicks, TV series, and video games.  PLEASE RETURN MATERIALS PROMPTLY.



Lost Material

Current price is charged for lost materials unless otherwise specified.  A handling fee of $1.50 is charged for magazines and paperbacks.  All other items have a $7.50 handling fee.  The handling fee is charged to offset staff time required to withdraw or reorder the lost item.  The handling fee will be refunded only if materials are returned within five (5) working days.


Refunds are made within 6 months.  Save your receipt.  A receipt or copy of canceled check is required to obtain a refund.  Returned materials must be in good condition. 

Lost Learning Games

Price varies based on current costs.  If pieces are lost, the game must be replaced.  Cost for lost bag: $10.00.


Replacement is $15.00. Individual pieces: cost determined by Librarian

Other Fees

Book Jackets and Barcodes:   $1.00
Containers, if lost or damaged: CD, DVD, Video game cases $3.00
  Circulating CD Bags $7.00
  Nylon/Plastic Bags (Kits or Puzzles) $5.00
  Large Learning Game Bag $10.00
Copies: Black & White Photocopies $.10 per copy
  Color Photocopies $.25 per copy
Computer Printing:    
  Black & White $.05 per page
  Color $.15 per page
Earbuds:   $2.00 (Donation to the Friends of the Library)
Laminator: Minimum $1.00 per foot
Meeting Room Fees: Per Use $10.00 - Non-Profit Organization
    $75.00 - Commercial Organization

Patrons have access to a public use fax machine, FAX24, by charging faxes to their credit or debit cards or by purchasing a Fax Card at the Circulation Services Desk.

The fees for fax cards are:

  • $1.50  1 page domestic
  • $2.50  2 page domestic
  • $3.50  3 pages domestic or 1 page international
  • $6.50  6 pages domestic or 2 pages international