Adult Services Blog

  • Tango Dance Program - Wed. March 14

    Ruben and Marie Carrasco of the Argentine Tango Club will instruct the audience in Tango Dance to perform group choreographies while line dancing. They will have Tango dance instruction on Wednesdays 03/14, and 04/18. from 7-8:30 P.M.

    Participants need to sign a provided liability form. Wearing comfortable clothing and gym shoes is recommended. The sessions are not progressive. It is not necessary to attend all the sessions to enjoy this program. - MA Image source:

    Learn to interpret enchanting tango music as a line dance as you move gracefully on the dance floor while improving your balance and posture, acquiring intense mind/body coordination, and regaining flexibility while doing low-impact movements. (no partner needed). Program is limited to 30 people. Registration is required. Sign up at the Adult Services desk or call 630-260-1550 and ask for Adult Services or sign up online at


  • St. Patrick's Day

    St. Patrick's Day will be here before you know it.  Check out these books, DVD's and CD's to get in touch with your inner Irishman.

  • March Bestsellers

    These bestsellers are coming out in March.  Place your holds now!

  • Kindle with My Media Mall Program

    Your Kindle is now compatible with our e-book service. Come in to this program on Monday, March 5 at 7 P.M. to see how to use your Kindle to borrow e-books. A QA session will follow the demonstration. - MA

    The program is FREE and open to the public. See Adult Services to sign up or call 630-260-1550 for any questions or register online at


  • The Artist

    The film The Artist has impressed critics and film lovers around the globe.  Step back in time with these movies and books to learn more about silent films.


  • LIBRARY MOVIE - Sat Feb. 18 @ 2 PM

    Enjoy seeing the 2012 PG-13 movie starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Seymour Hoffman on Saturday, February 18 from 2-4 P.M.

    The Oakland A's general manager defies conventional wisdom and outsmarts his competition when forced to reinvent his team with bargain players.-MA

    The program is FREE and open to the public. See Adult Services to sign up or call 630-260-1550 for any questions or register online at Walk-Ins are welcome!

  • Love on the library shelves

    Happy Valentine's Day!  Celebrate with some romances from the Glenside library.

  • Star Wars rides again

    The recent re-release of Star Wars. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace has spurred discussion and controversy about George Lucas's revisionist "history." First of all, let's clear one issue up: Han definitely shot first. Love him or hate, Lucas's franchise has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Just look at all the Star Wars items available just in our library: