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  • For fans of Top Chef: Texas

    As the season finale approaches, check out these cookbooks and more:

  • Glenside Favorites

    There is still time to sign up for Carry Out a Good Book, Glenside's winter reading program.  Registration ends next week on Wednesday February 15th.  This is a chance for all readers and audobook listeners to win prizes for something they enjoy doing.  Read or listen to 3 books by February 29th to be eligible for the grand prize drawing (gift certificates for local carry out restaurants).

    Glenside patrons are recommending the following books:

  • Rock On!

    The Grammys are coming up on Sunday February 12th.  Get ready for the festivities by checking out our Rock On book display.  Here are just a few of the many rock music novels we have at Glenside.

  • If you liked Smash, try these items from Glenside's collection.

    The new television series Smash premiered last night to decent ratings. The show follows the people involved in launching a new Broadway musical. Here are some items from our collection for fans of the first episode or for fans of Broadway.

  • The Big Easy

    New Orleans has something for everyone:  Mardi Gras, great food, incredible music, interesting history, and a touch of the supernatural.  Explore the Big Easy at the Glenside Library.

  • New Movies for Your Kids (or the kid in you!)

    February DVD Release Dates for Kids

    The dates listed are when the films are on sale to the public,

    and not when they will be ready to circulate.


    Please allow a couple of days for processing.

    You can place holds by clicking on the title. 

    After the hold is place, circulation will call you when the item is ready!


    February 7

  • February is National Bird-Feeding Month

    Birds bring a welcome dash of color, flash of motion, and splash of sound into our lives, particularly in winter. But this also is one of the most difficult seasons for birds to survive in the wild in much of North America. This national event was created to advance and publicize the wild bird feeding and watching hobby.

  • Book Review - The Book of Clouds by John A. Day c 2003

    Dr. Day provides in The Book on Clouds a quick ready photographic reference on clouds. Clouds are defined as a collection of visible ice crystals or water droplets. He explains cloud composition, how clouds form, affect the planet and how weather can be predicted by observing them.

    Dr. Day held a PH.D in cloud physics. He was a retired professor at Linfield College in Oregon who taught physics and meteorology. Dr. Day passed away on June 21, 2008 at the age of 95. His website lists the books he has written which include: The Science of Weather, Climate and Weather, Field Guide to the Atmosphere, and First Guide to Clouds and Weather.

    There is a chart that includes color photos of clouds placed into six groups based on their type and elevation. The clouds’ names and their corresponding page numbers are listed.

    The main body of the book contains color photos of various cloud types. Next to the photos are listed their group, name, elevation, stability, buoyancy, moisture content, temperature, lift ability and precipitation type.

    Some types of clouds included are: cumulus, stratus which can form fog, mist that forms over water is referred to as sea smoke, and cirrus is wispy. Precipitation clouds include: stratocumulus, alto stratocumulus, altocumulus and cumulonimbus. Day describes mist, drizzle and hail. Day discusses optical cloud effects such as rainbows, halos, sundogs, sun pillars, coronas, rays, aurora borealis, flashes, sunrises and sunsets.

    A modest historical background of Luke Howard the man who named the clouds is included along with how the clouds came to be classified.

    Storm clouds are discussed as well as types of storms including thunder and hail, tornadoes and tropical storms. Weather prediction is explained involving the sun, land, and sea and how they affect one another and interact. Day mentions ten cloud conditions used to predict the weather.

    The book contains a glossary and an index but not a bibliography. The book has attractive color photos and is a manageable size. The Book of Clouds serves as a quick ready reference for the adult lay person including teens and tweens to identify and look at clouds to view for pleasure and to learn to predict the weather. This book may peak someone’s interest to further study clouds and meteorology.

    Similar books may include:

    Peterson's First Guide to Clouds and Weather by John A. Day, Vincent J. Schaefer c 1991

    The cloudspotter's guide : the science, history and culture of clouds by Gavin Pretor-Pinney ; chapter illustrations by Bill Sanderson c 2006

    The cloud book : how to understand the skies by Richard Hamblyn c 2008 - MA


  • Oscar-worthy reads

    Several of the recent Oscar nominees began life as novels.  You still have time to read a few before the awards are announced on February 26th.