Adult Services Blog

  • Read It before You See It

    Do you like to read the book before you see the movie?  Check out these books before you head over to the local cinema:

  • If you like retold fairy tales, try...

    The fall TV season began this week. Two new shows feature classic fairy tale characters in a modern setting. Grimm and Once Upon a Time do not premiere until October. While waiting, you can experience re-imagined fairy tales with these items from our collection:

  • Library Parking Lot Reserved for Library Patrons Only

    Due to congestion as well as concern for the safety of the children, District 16 picking up their children need to do so on the north side of Fullerton Avenue. The library parking lot is for individuals who are actively using the library.

  • Museum Pass Extended through October 31

    The Macy's Museum Adventure Pass Program will continue until (at least) October 31, 2011 for the following 12 Museums:

  • Free Computer Classes

    The following classes are offered as group sessions in our computer lab. Classes last about one hour. Space is limited so registration is required. Please contact Adult Services for available dates.

    Computer Basics

    Topics will include: how to navigate the Windows operating system, using the mouse and keyboarding basics.

    Twice monthly on one Monday. . . . . 10 A.M. and one Tuesday 7 P.M.

    Internet Basics*