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Pizza Tasting Results

Forty patrons in grades 4-8 attended the Pizza Tasting today. They were given five pizzas to try and were not told the names of the pizzerias from where we obtained the pizza.

The results are...


Trend Alert: Aliens

Recent young adult fiction has featured aliens. Sometimes they are the anti-hero boy next door challenging and tempting a teenage girl. Other times, they are the evil force that teenagers must defeat.

Here are some recent young adult novels featuring aliens:

Good Eats Book Club: Food Fiction

The Good Eats Book Club meets on Monday, July 16 at 7:00 P.M.  We will be focusing on food fiction. Grab a book from the display in the lobby or get a list of chocolate related titles from the Adult Services Desk.

Please read a food fiction title before the meeting. We will share our thoughts on the books we read. Light snacks will be provided.



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