Bond, James Bond

Those of us who watched the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony will long remember the James Bond spoof that featured Queen Elizabeth and her corgis.  There’s plenty of time to stop by the library to brush up on your James Bond Trivia before the next Bond film, Skyfall, hits local theaters in November.

Casino Royale

Ian Fleming started the James Bond craze in 1953 with the publication of Casino Royale

Casino royale: a James Bond novel / by Ian Fleming

In the first James Bond novel, 007 takes on Le Chiffre, a French communist and paymaster of the Soviet murder organization SMERSH, as the suave agent becomes involved in a high-stakes game of baccarat, enjoys a fiery love affair with a sexy female spy, and endures torture at the hands of a master sadist.

You can check out all the original James Bond novels at Glenside.

Dr No

Dr. No was the first of a string of very successful 007 movies.  This is where we all first heard the famous phrase, “Bond…James Bond.”

Dr. No [DVD-videorecording]

Sean Connery embodies the suave yet lethal cool of Agent 007 as he battles the mysterious Dr. No, a scientific genius bent on destroying the U.S. space program.

Live and let die

Sean Connery was not the only actor to portray the famous spy.  Take a look at these films and see which Bond you prefer.

Roger Moore

Live and let die[DVD-videorecording]

British secret agent James Bond takes on a powerful drug lord who schemes to conquer the world.

world is not enough

Pierce Brosnan

The world is not enough[DVD-videorecording] 

After an oil tycoon is murdered at the London headquarters of MI6, James Bond is assigned to protect the dead man's daughter from her father's killer, who once tried to kidnap her for ransom.

Daniel Craig

Quantum of solace[DVD-videorecording] 

Fighting the urge to seek revenge for the death of a friend, James Bond seeks out the mysterious organization known as "Quantum" to destroy them before they can take control of an important natural resource.

The James Bond movies are famous for their soundtracks.   The theme songs that play during the opening credits are all recorded by well-known artists.

The best of Bond-- James Bond [sound recording]

The facts of death / Raymond Benson

Ian Fleming’s death in 1964 did not end put an end to Bond’s adventures.   The stories keep coming.   Try some of these new versions of 007’s adventures.

The facts of death / Raymond Benson

The murder of Britain's "Goodwill Ambassador to the World" leads James Bond on a desperate search for the Number Killer, a mysterious assassin, a quest that leads him to a fanatical cult and its mad leader, who uses the theories of ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras to promote his ruthless plan for the world.

Carte Blanche

Carte blanche : 007 : the new James Bond novel / Jeffery Deaver

A James Bond thriller set in the present day finds the iconic British spy engaging a horrific modern villain in a cat-and-mouse chase that takes him from the Balkans and London to the African Continent.

Silver Fin

There is even a Young Bond series for teens.

SilverFin: a James Bond adventure / Charlie Higson

Prequel to the adventures of James Bond, 007, introduces the young James when he is just starting boarding school in England and is about to become involved in his first adventure.


And a graphic novel:

SilverFin: the graphic novel /  Charlie Higson & Kev Walker

Casino Royale

Danny Boyle’s Olympic short was not the first time comedians have taken a shot at the famous spy.  You will enjoy these parodies

Casino Royale [DVD-videorecording]

David Niven is James Bond. Peter Sellers is James Bond. Woody Allen(!) is James Bond. Don't ask. Just enjoy this outrageous spoof of James Bond movies.

Austin Powers

Austin Powers, international man of mystery [DVD-videorecording]

Secret agent Austin Powers is thawed back into action after being frozen for thirty years. The time-warped swinger has to battle again with his archenemy Dr. Evil and stop his plot to control the world.


Descriptions from publishers materials.