Book Review The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare c2007 Book One - City of Bones YF Clare, C.

Fifteen year old Clary discovers that she is not an ordinary human but a Shadowhunter. She can see other Shadowhunters including werewolfs, vampires, fairies, and demons. Humans cannot see them. Shadowhunters fight demons from hell that are trying to control the world.

Clary hangs out at the Institute – a place where other Shadowhunters in Manhattan stay. Clary learns about her true family history, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Romantic interests and friendship relationships occur and are talked about among the teen characters.

There are scenes where the characters engage in a lot of bloody gory fighting using various weapons while yelling a lot of vindictive fighting words. Since there is a large amount of sarcastic and argumentative dialog and bloody descriptive fighting and death I would recommend this book for fifteen year olds and older.

City of Bones is book one in The Mortal Instruments Urban fantasy fiction series by Cassandra Clare. The other titles in the series currently include: 2. City of Ashes 3. City of Glass 4. City of Fallen Angels and 5. City of Lost Souls.