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Burn for Burn

Burn for Burn by Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian

Uzma F.'s review:

Burn for Burn is a quick read about three girls out to get revenge; it
has plenty of drama and intense moments. The effortless dialog and
setting bring the book to life and make it realistic. This book shows
readers that life is not just about impulsive decisions, but that
actions can have unimaginable consequences. It is also good about
teaching the lesson that people and things are not always, how they
seem. Even though it is mostly about revenge, the paranormal angle is
intriguing because the characters seem so ordinary, but it becomes
clear that Han and Vivian have something big planned in the upcoming
sequel because the ending to this book is a cliffhanger. I am looking
forward to the sequel to see what happens next.


Young Adult Librarian's Review;

I need to settle with the story awhile before figuring out how much I liked the book. Three teenagers become unlikely partners when they each seek to get revenge on classmates who they think wronged them in some way. The motives of everyone involved were complex, so you never know for whom to root.

The potential Carrie-esque element threw me. I wish it had been incorporated differently. There was enough conflict/drama within the story, so it was not really needed.

Still I do want to know what happens with the characters and wish I did not have to wait so long for the second book.


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- nb