Can’t wait for Stephen King’s new Dark Tower book?

We thought we had heard the last of Roland and his ka-tet, but Stephen King has given his Constant Readers an eagerly anticipated gift. The Wind Through the Keyhole will be

released April 24th

While you wait, go back and re-read Wizard and GlassThe Wind Through the Keyhole takes place after the end of this novel as the group follows the Path of the Beam, and before Wolves of the Calla

Or start at the beginning of the series with The Gunslinger

For a more visual offering of the story, try the graphic novel series starting with The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born

Perhaps you’ve never read the Robert Browning poem that started it all, “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came.”

Read about the Knights of the Round Table, which influenced King’s epic. 

Here is a recent iteration of the King Arthur legend retold by Peter Ackroyd. 

Clint Eastwood and his spaghetti westerns also influenced Roland and his quest. 

Delve deeper into the world(s) of the Dark Tower. 

Or read an analysis of Wizard and Glass and other King novels.