Compiled Non-Spoilery Tweets of Reactions to The Fiery Heart


The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead

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The Young Adult Librarian had the day off to read The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead. She tweeted her reactions while reading. If you did not have time to follow along on the library's Twitter page - @glensidepld - the tweets are compiled here.


Wearing my AYE shirt and off to pick up the new Bloodlines book. #TheFieryHeart

Have Fiery Heart and getting set to read and tweet my reactions. #TheFieryHeart @RichelleMead

Read the first two chapters online before. #TheFieryHeart

Yo, Adrian! We get his POV. 2 points if you get my reference. #TheFieryHeart

Any points earned may be redeemed for free checkouts with a valid library card.

p3 Oh, the feels! #TheFieryHeart

p6 The Love Phone!!! #TheFieryHeart

p8 I would buy juice from them if I was in Fresno. #TheFieryHeart

p12 Not currently a fan of Zoe. #TheFieryHeart

p20 I would also go to a witch tea party. I love tea parties. #TheFieryHeart

p37 You may be Adrian Ivashkov, but you shouldn't be acting like that around other girls. #TheFieryHeart

p43 Adrian has very good taste in music. #TheFieryHeart

p47 A possible spirit solution. #TheFieryHeart

P51 "Honestly, how hard was it for people to park between the lines?"  Totally with Sydney on this. #TheFieryHeart

p57 We will see if Inez will be as memorable as Malachi Wolfe. #TheFieryHeart

p64 An explanation and call back to book 1. #TheFieryHeart

p95 I am now shipping Wolfe & Terwilliger. Werwilliger? Tolfe? Macklyn? Jalachi? #TheFieryHeart @RichelleMead

p146 This better not be the "new temptations" in Silver Shadows. #TheFieryHeart

p181 A big step for Adrian. #TheFieryHeart

p205 Effects of re-education. Foreshadowing? #TheFieryHeart

p234 Unexpected side-effect. #TheFieryHeart

p299 Oooh, Sydrian developments. #TheFieryHeart

p339-341 Bittersweet romance. #TheFieryHeart

Sydney is an Aquarius. Richelle Mead and the YA librarian share the same astrological sign. 2 points if you know which one. #TheFieryHeart

p351 Oh, Sydney, this is a bad idea. Eddie should have learned from the past. #TheFieryHeart

p357 That is not how I saw this ending. #TheFieryHeart

p376. I have a bad feeling about this. #TheFieryHeart

Dual POV is ominous. See Allegiant & Origin.

p390 I was expecting this. #TheFieryHeart

p420 That is some ending. #TheFieryHeart

An emotional roller coaster in the past 3 hours. Will have to take July 29 off to read Silver Shadows. #TheFieryHeart


The book had a little more romance than previous books. As stated before, I knew something bad or surprising was going to happen to one of the main characters because of the author's use of two points of view. I did not like it as much as Indigo Spell, but it still held my attention. Even while tweeting, I was able to read the book in under three hours.

- nb