Compiled Tweets of Mark of Athena Reactions

The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan


The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan came out yesterday. I read the book and tweeted my reactions on the library's Twitter feed. For those of you who don't follow us on Twitter, here are my reactions.

Tuesday, October 2

  • Mark of Athena came out today. YA Librarian will tweet her reactions as she reads.
  • These reactions for Mark of Athena will be spoiler free.
  • p.6 "psychotic snowman" Not a real one though.
  • p.11 Very smart Annabeth.
  • p. 15 Finally!!!! #markofathena
  • p23 Ah, bromance. #markofathena
  • p69 So confused about back stories. Going online to read summaries of the last two books. #markofathena
  • p.123 "yes, John Green." Not that John Green. #markofathena
  • p131 I guess that explains the cover. #markofathena
  • p154 Percy's Point of View begins. Have to stop reading and get to work. #mark of athena
  • p178 "let's try not to burn down the city this time." #markofathena
  • p179 A library! You can always find answers there. #markofathena
  • p244 "Just an average day." Really so true. #markofathena
  • p256 There are a lot of exclamation points on this page! #markofathena
  • p275 I guess that explains it. #markofathena
  • p391 Now I want pizza. #markofathena
  • p418 I appreciate a smart girl in literature. #markofathena
  • p452 "I hate Leo World." #markofathena
  • p472 Stopping for the night even though it is at a tense spot. Will continue reading tomorrow. #markofathena
Wednesday, October 3
Back to reading Mark of Athena.
  • p505 "...Percy was comfortable with chaos." #markofathena
  • p512 "Even other clowns hate clowns." #markofathena
  • p535 They never get a break, do they? #markofathena
  • p541 "So instead, Annabeth started to think." #markofathena
  • p574 The End. I don't know how I can wait another year. #markofathena


Quck Review: A lot of action and strong characters.

Want a chance to win a copy of the book? Those in grades 4-8 may attend the Percy Jackson Release Party tomorrow after school.


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