Compiled Tweets of Out of Sight, Out of Time Reading Reactions

Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter

Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter

The fifth book in the Gallagher Girls series came out today. I bought it right when Anderson's Book Shop opened and spent my morning reading. I tweeted my reactions while reading on the library's Twitter account. If you don't have Twitter, don't worry. You can read the tweets here!


Have my copy of Out of Sight, Out of Time. Tweeting reactions as I read. #GallagherGirls

 Already read the first chapter online. Can't wait to get to new stuff.#GallagherGirls

 I don't usually like amnesia as a plot device but will give it a chance.#GallagherGirls

 Fixed the hash tag, so it can hopefully trend #GallagherGirls

 "When we found you, you were barefoot." p7 #GallagherGirls

Comparing a convent to a school for spies. p11 #GallagherGirls

 Croissants! #GallagherGirls

 "You're an international incident." #GallagherGirls

 Trouble with friends. I want them to spy not fight. #GallagherGirls

 Zach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p28 #GallagherGirls

Hmm. Maybe the other characters know more than Cammie.#GallagherGirls

 Please no love triangle. p34 #GallagherGirls

 "Torture?" I cannot wait to find out what happened to Cammie over the summer! #GallagherGirls

 Please, please, please, no love triangles. I beg you Ally Carter.@OfficiallyAlly #GallagherGirls

Back to class. How does Cammie know things she isn't supposed to know? #GallagherGirls

"No one knows if Cammie Morgan can be trusted." p59#GallagherGirls

Zach. In. A. Towel. p60 #GallagherGirls

 "I think I lost them...But I guess they lost me first." p72#GallagherGirls

 Things that need to be said. p91 #GallagherGirls

According to GoodReads, I am 41% done. Reading fast because I really, really want to see what happens. #GallagherGirls

 Finally!! p121 #GallagherGirls

Lost time. p139 #GallagherGirls

 In Rome p.152 #GallagherGirls

 Another guy. Really please no love triangles. p155 #GallagherGirls

Some answers about the summer p170 #GallagherGirls

 I am pretty sure this lets out a triangle. #GallagherGirls

Boys being boys p176 #GallagherGirls

Too spoilery p.182 #GallagherGirls

 The return of something important. p194 #GallagherGirls

 So did not see that coming p197 #GallagherGirls

 Maybe this isn't what I think it means. So frustrating now. I want to know the truth. p200 #GallagherGirls

 I just might cry. p214 #GallagherGirls

 Ahh!!! p220 #GallagherGirls

 Referring back to GG1. Must re-read it. p230 #GallagherGirls

 "No harm could come from looking." Have you learned anything in 5 books, Cammie? p254 #GallagherGirls

 Uh oh! p261 #GallagherGirls

 Yay, Cammie! But too bad. p266 #GallagherGirls

 I knew it! p272 #GallagherGirls

 ...maybe I didn't. Very twisty! p272

 Okay, I did. A lot happens in two pages in Cammie's world. p274

The end. p294 I don't think I can take it until  book six comes out. I don't thinks Ally Carter is even writing it yet. #Gallagher Girls


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