For fans of Project Runway

The winner of the latest season of Project Runway was chosen last Wednesday. Lifetime is now showing the spin-off series Project Accessory. If you are a fan of these shows, you might like to check out these materials.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins Lola loves to express herself through costume. Her goal of creating a Marie Antoinette inspired gown for her school's winter dance is hindered when former crush Cricket Bell moves back.
Spring Collection by Judith Krantz This novel follows the romances of a group of models in Paris for a fashion show.
Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl Veronica gets a job at a vintage closing store and becomes friends with some of her co-workers. This friensdhip soon has her making bad decisions.
Fashion Design Directory by Marnie Fogg This directory covers 20th and 21st century developments in the world of fashion.
50 Fashion Designers You Should Know Fifty major fashion designers of the past century are profiled with examples of their most memorable designs.
20th Century Fashion

This book offers a history of style during the 20th century.

Coco Before Chanel This biopic follows Coco Chanel from her early struggles to the beginnings of her fashion career.
Zoolander Zoolander recently lost the title of Male Model of the Year, and now he must save the world from an evil clothing manufacturer.

You can also request previous seasons of Project Runway through our library's interlibary loan service.


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