Fatima's Review of Poison

Poison by Bridget Zinn


Poison: A Tale Full of Magic and Adventure

by Bridget Zinn

Poison is full of fantasy, adventure, potions, spells, and crazy happenings in a faraway kingdom. The main character, Kyra, learns that her kingdom is in danger and, left with no other option, takes things into her own hands. She is a skilled potions maker, combining chemistry and magic to make powerful potions that can do crazy things. She attempts to murder the future ruler to save the kingdom, but her dart misses. The story is about her second attempt and her adventure while hiding from the kingdom’s army.

The characters were really funny and some were quite real. On her adventure, she gets a funny pig, along with a traveler, Fred, who is roguish and cute at the same time. His own pet, a wolf, helps them along the way. Their adventure lands them in a heap of trouble and takes them all across the kingdom while Kyra is running from the army.

The book is full of romance, funny happenings, good plot twists and cool tricks. I liked it because the ending was surprising and cute at the same time. The fates of the characters were positive at the end and all the pieces of the plot clicked together in the final pages.