Genghis Khan at the Field Museum

Now through September 3rd, the Field Museum in Chicago is presenting an exhibit featuring Genghis Khan. View 13thcentury artifacts and learn how this legendary warrior and the empire that he built still influence our world. There are only a few days left—don’t miss it! For more information, visit:

And don’t miss these Genghis Khan items @ your library:


Genghis Khan: the emperor of all men by Harold Lamb



The Silk Road: two thousand years in the heart of Asia by Frances Wood


Mongol: the rise of Genghis Khan DVD

The Blue Wolf: the epic tale of the life of Genghis Khan and the empire of the steppes by Frederic Dion

Genghis: birth of an empire by Conn Iggulden


Treasure of Khan by Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler