"Happy Birthday, John Cleese!" (10/27/11)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail [DVD-videorecording] Monty Python and the Holy Grail [DVD-videorecording] : The quest for the Holy Grail by King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table is retold in the inimitable Python fashion.
Monty Python live at Drury Lane [sound recording] / Monty Python.
Monty Python live at Drury Lane [sound recording] : Introduction -- Llamas (including Granada) -- Gumby-Flower arranging -- Terry Jones-Link -- Secret service -- Wrestling -- Communist quiz (including world in action) -- Idiot song -- Albatross -- Colonel -- Nudge, nudge -- Cocktail bar -- Travel agent -- Spot the brain cell -- Bruces song -- Argument song -- Four Yorkshiremen -- Election special -- Prestige theme -- We'll keep a welcome -- Raindrops keep falling on my head -- Don't sleep in the subway -- Climb every mountain -- Lumberjack -- Theme song Liberty Bell -- Parrot sketch -- Theme song Liberty Bell.
Another record [sound recording] / Monty Python. Another record [sound recording] : Introduction (pt.1) -- Introduction (Apology) -- Spanish Inquisition (pt. 1) -- Gumby theatre -- Contradiction -- Abattoire -- Spanish Inquisition (pt. 2) -- Ethel the frog -- Mary Queen of Scots -- Spanish Inquisition (ending) -- Sound quiz -- Be a great actor -- Neville Shunt -- Festival Hall Emille -- Spam sketch -- Spam song -- Camp judges -- Stake your claim -- Lifeboat -- Camp judges (pt. 2) -- Undertaker -- Knees up Mother Brown sketch. Bonus tracks. Treadmill lager -- Bishop at home (Mr. Stoddard) -- Court room sketch -- Undertaker (Dead Bishops on the landing).
Monty Python's the meaning of life [DVD-videorecording] / Universal ; directed by Terry Jones ; produced by John Goldstone ; written by Graham Chapman ... [et al.]
Monty Python's the meaning of life [DVD-videorecording] : Comedic sketches and musical numbers covering every stage of life.
The Pythons [CD-sound recording] / autobiography by the Pythons. The Pythons [CD-sound recording] : Presents a glimpse at the five Englishmen and one American who rewrote the rules of comedy with their sketches, animations, hilarities, and inanities. Includes a compilation of interviews with the Python team, plus clips from the Monty Python sketches. 
Including the majestic møøse!