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Jim B.

Photo by Damien Baez

I’m a longtime reader and lover of books. As a child, if there was nothing to do, my mom always admonished me to read a book. If all else failed, it was: “We bought you those encyclopedias for a reason. Open one up and learn something.” And so, in those far away days before the Internet, I read. And read. And read, and read, and read. I developed a love of history and of literature, from the classics to contemporary fiction. As an undergraduate, I majored in History, and learned to love research as much as reading.

After many years of different jobs; from teaching to social work to retail to software development, I went back to school to learn the arcane mysteries of librarianship. I’ve worked in public libraries for 10 years and, while much of my work has been technology related, I’ve been privileged to select non-fiction books in pretty much every area and, a couple of years ago, I was tapped to buy Fantasy and Science Fiction, two of my passionate favorites, for the Library.

I also love classic movies and, with two growing kids at home, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of a good audiobook, for those times when I can’t sit down with a good book. I can’t claim to have read everything I’ve bought for the Library, but I always do my research. If you need a book or a movie recommendation, I’ll do my best to to help you. If you want me to help you research a question or problem, I’ll happily sink my teeth into that as well. As a librarian, my mission is to help you: to help you solve problems; find some enjoyment for yourself and your family; to save your time. I’m here, let me help.


Favorite authors: Margery Allingham, Ray Bradbury, James Carroll, Barbara Ehrenreich, Martin Gilbert. Arnaldur Indriðason, John Keegan, China Miéville, Louise Penny, Kim Stanley Robinson, Patrick Rothfuss, Witold Rybczynski, Brandon Sanderson, Ken Scholes, Barbara Tuchman, David Weber

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