National Milk Chocolate Day

Yesterday was National Milk Chocolate Day but that doesn't mean Glenside's chocolate lovers can't continue to celebrate!  You can still indulge by checking out one of the many chocolate treats we have at the library.  Think of all the calories you are saving!

Chocolate jewel case

JoAnna Carl

Blame it on chocolate

Jennifer Greene


Joanne Harris


While dealing with unwanted houseguests from hell and creating new, delectable concoctions for her chocolate shop, newlywed Lee McKinney Woodyard stirs up trouble when she investigates a jewelry heist and the appearance of a body in the lake.

When chocolatier Lucy Fitzhenry and her sexy boss Nick, a man way out of her league, test out her newest recipe, an experimental strain of chocolate, they succumb to one night of intense--and unexplainable--passion, resulting in an unexpected surprise A timeless novel of the small French village of Lansquenet's awakening to joy and sensuality tells the story of how bewitching newcomer Vianne Rocher and her chocolate shop arrive and begin to play havoc with everyone's Lenten vows.

Novel summaries from publisher materials.