Poetry Wars Limericks

In honor of National Poetry Month, our middle school patrons created limericks during our Poetry Wars program. Here are four limericks about their favorite snack foods.

By Kerly & Sunya:

There once was a really hot chip

that always burnt my lip.

It is so hot.

It hit the spot.

Now I need a cold sip.


By Allison & Anthony:

Takis, Takis, everywhere.

I like to put them in my hair.

Even though they are red,

I like to rub them on my head.

People could eat them anywhere.


By Hallie & Kyle:

My favorite snack is Cheetos.

I like them better than Doritos.

Cheetos are crunchy.

They make me jumpy.

I eat them more than Fritos.


By Anthony D. & Marion:

Takis are my favorite snack.

You can eat them in a big sack.

Takis are red.

I eat them in a shed.

I eat them while I'm doing track.


Thanks to all our talented young poets for helping us celebrate National Poetry Month.