Pooja's Review of Amplified

Amplified by Tara Kelly


The book Amplified by Tara Kelly is the story of a 17 year old girl named Jasmine with nothing but love for music, and a hateful relationship with her father. Her constant arguments with her father causes her father to kick her out of the house. She takes what’s left of her savings and runs to Santa Cruz to pursue her dreams of being a musician. She finds an ad from the band “C-side” for a new lead guitarist, preferably a boy, but Jasmine ignores that fact. She goes to the audition in hopes to convince three guys that she’s a great lead guitarist along with the perfect roommate to live in their big oceanfront house. The lead singer of the band, Veta, has no problem with letting Jasmine into the group, because she likes how she plays! Which is good news for Jasmine and her aspiring dreams of being a musician. The boys finally end up agreeing with Veta and let her into the group. But, Jasmine starts to fall for the lead bassist…. Could this mean trouble for the band? You’ll have to read the book to find out!