Read the whole series

Currently, in the library, we're displaying the first books in series. If you like SF or fantasy, here are some complete series available for checkout. Most are in print, although we may have digital download copies of some titles.

Cold Days

The Dresden Files

Jim Butcher's wildly popular stories of Chicago private investigator and wizard, Harry Dresden. Start with Storm Front. The latest book in the series is Cold Days.

Chronicles of the Black Company

The Black Company

The story of some 40 years in the life of an elite military company. The library owns the 10 books in this epic dark fantasy series complete in 4 omnibus volumes.

Red Mars

The Mars Trilogy

A classic of hard science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy combines superbly believable science and great storytelling to chronicle the first human settlements and terraforming of Mars.

Dreaming Void

The Void Trilogy

A far future space opera, set in Hamilton's Commonwealth universe. A compelling story of advanced humanity and its all too familiar need to find meaning in existence.

Crippled God

Malazan Book of the Fallen

Gritty, superb dark fantasy by Steven Erikson. Book 1 is Gardens of the Moon. The 10th and final volume is The Crippled God. For a quick entry into the Malazan landscape, try the non-series novel Crack'd Pot Trail.