Star Wars: Ascension: Fate of the Jedi book 8

For those who've been following the ongoing travails of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi, we have book 8, the penultimate in the series, available now. Will Luke and his son Ben defeat the evil Abeloth? Will the Galactic Alliance collapse into yet another civil war? What about the lost tribe of the Sith? Will Ben tempt the alluring, yet evil Vestara Khai to the light side of the force? Will they get married and make Luke a grandpa? Will the Star Wars universe chug merrily on forever? Who knows, but you might find out a little bit more when you read:

Fate of the Jedi: Ascension

We currently have Ascension in print and as an ebook download (including Kindle compatible). The CD audio version is on order. The 9th and final book in this series, Apocalypse, is scheduled for release in March of 2012.

New to this series and think you might like to read it? Get information on the series and the individual books at:

Wookieepedia: Fate of the Jedi