Unhappy Holidays!

If you are tired of It’s a Wonderful Life and other feel good movies of the season try some of these darker alternatives.  


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- The American version is touting itself as "The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas".  See how it compares to the original Swedish version which sets the bar pretty high (or is it low?)


The Ice Storm-  Set in 1973 suburbia, a  nuclear family falls apart as a  historic ice storm approaches.  (Request this item through ILL )

The Nightmare Before Christmas- Add a little Halloween to your Christmas with this cult favorite directed by Tim Burton

Stalag 17- It’s Christmas time circa WWII and the Americans in a German POW camp fear they have a spy in their midst. (Request this item through ILL)

Fargo-Constant blizzard like conditions set the stage for this bizarre story of a car salesman who hires two criminals to kidnap his wife so he can blackmail his father–in-law. What could go wrong?

Bad Santa- Santa and his little helper are really con men.  You’ll may never want you kid to sit on Santa’s lap again. (Request through ILL)

Die Hard-  Christmas + Terrorists + Bruce Willis (Request  through ILL)