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  • Reading Road Trips Part 2

    The After Life by Daniel Ehrenhaft

    The After Life by Daniel Ehrenhaft

    Grade Level = High School

  • Reading Road Trips Part 1

    Cannot go on vacation this summer? Journey along with teen characters by reading a book featuring a road trip. We will feature road trip titles on this blog throughout the summer.

    An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

    An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

  • Setting Spotlight: Hungary

    The Young Adult Librarian's final destination on her European vacation is Budapest. Here are a two young adult books set in that country.

  • Setting Spotlight: Austria

    Your YA Librarian will also be spending time in Austria this summer. Here are some books set in that country:

  • Setting Spotlight: Prague

    Your Young Adult Librarian will be going to Europe next week. We will be featuring books set in the countries she will visit on the teen blog. The following books are set in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Peter Pan Retold

    Today is J.M. Barrie's birthday. He created the story of Peter Pan. You can watch the fictionalized account of the creation of that story in Finding Neverland. Here are five books that interpret his famous story.