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  • Books to Movies 2015

    Winter Break is coming! Why not check out a book that will be adapted into a movie in 2015?

  • Best Young Adult Books of 2014

    Each year I, the Young Adult Librarian, compile a list of my favorite books from that year.  Although I read quite a bit, I cannot read every young adult novel published. These are my favorite books from all the books published within the past twelve months that I have read.  Books are listed in alphabetical order by title unless an author has written more than one book on the list. I will do my best not to spoil things. However, some of the books are sequels, and I assume some knowledge of previous books.

  • Seeing Double - Books with the Same Cover Art

    Stock photos are often used in publishing resulting in different books having almost the exact same cover. Here are a few from the young adult fiction collection.


  • New Graphic Novel Series

    These graphic novel series will now be in the teen graphic novel collection.

    Assassination Classroom

    Assassination Classroom

  • Different Stories Same Title

    These two sets of books share titles but have different stories.


    In Real Life by Cory Doctorow

    In Real Life by Cory Doctorow

  • Ally Ambassadors

    Ally Ambassador

    The Young Adult Librarian is an Ally Ambassador. She will receive an advance reading copy of All Fall Down, the first book in Ally Carter's new series. She will post a review on this blog after she receives the book and reads it.


  • Books Set in Austin, Texas

    The Young Adult Librarian will be headed to Austin, Texas this weekend for the Young Adult Literature Symposium. Here are four books from the teen fiction collection set in Austin.