Borrowing and Fees

Things to Know

  • Items not returned will be billed at the cost of replacement.
  • If a patron’s fees exceed $20.00, the patron will be unable to check-out items or access some library services.
  • Damaged materials or materials that are more than 60 days overdue may be referred to a materials collection agency.  A collection fee of $9.00 will be assessed, per account.
  • The library does not accept replacements for lost or damaged items.


Items you have checked out will auto-renew as many times as allowed, if eligible, when no other patrons have placed a hold against that item.  If there are holds for the item, then it will not be auto-renewed.  Email notices are sent indicating which items were and were not renewed. Also, courtesy notices will be sent for items which are due and could not be renewed.

Books3 weeks
Audiobooks3 weeks
Book/CD Sets3 weeks
Music CDs3 weeks
Learning Games/Puzzles3 weeks
Adventure Packs3 weeks
S.T.E.A.M. Kits3 weeks
New Books (Adult)2 weeks
Fit Kits2 weeks
Binge Box: limit 12 weeks
DVDs1 week
Video Games: limit 51 week
New Music CDs1 week
Launchpad Tablets limit 31 week
Magazines1 week
Fitness Passes1 week
New DVDs: limit 53 days
Bicycle Locks3 hours
Interlibrary LoansVaries