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With Creativebug, You’re More Creative Than You Think!

More than 1,000 award-winning art & craft video classes taught by design experts and artists.

Not long ago, most of us crafted. We learned it at home, and at school. But over time, we forgot it and we got too busy for it. But the satisfaction we feel when working with our hands—from being a maker—has never left us. It’s part of being human. With Creativebug, you can make creating part of daily life again, where anyone at any skill level can make beautiful and useful things.

Creativebug offers easy-to-follow video instruction from experts in their respective areas. Classes never expire. Classes include book binding, acrylic and watercolor painting, knit and crochet, manga drawing, needle embroidery, cake decorating, canning and preserving, jewelry making, quilting, paper crafts and more.

All-access pass for every skill level

Patrons have an all-access, no-boundaries pass to explore thousands of classes. People of all skill levels can work alongside instructors to learn craft techniques.

Easy-to-use, personalized platform

Our platform is simple and intuitive, with features like chapter divisions, note-taking tools, 20-second rewind and more. Users can save favorite classes and receive personalized recommendations.

High-quality, expert-driven videos

Videos are produced by renowned artists and creative experts. Instructors bring a lifetime of practice, passion, and proven teaching methods.

To access course material, visit Patrons will be prompted to enter their library card numbers upon first use. After creating an account, users will be able to login and start creating.

Let’s Start Making!