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How We Hygge

The Danish word hygge (pronounced something like \HEW-guh\) began appearing in English writing, as a noun and adjective, to refer to cozy and comfortable surroundings that invoke an inner sense of contentment or well-being. So… how do you hygge?

Probably not too much different than everyone else. I have this favorite overstuffed chair with an afghan on the back crocheted by my best friend. I put on my most comfy, bulky socks, grab a cup of tea and a book (the kind with paper pages, NOT an eBook) and I curl up with my salt lamp that softly illuminates my pages. Invariably, one or both cats will curl up on the chair with me. This is my favorite place to be when it is raining or cold outside. I read many more books during the fall and winter months this way.


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When the cold weather starts to force me inside more and more, I like to make sure my home not only looks cozy with blankets and pillows but also SMELLS cozy – with homemade pomander balls (oranges decorated with whole cloves). This year, I think I’ll make pomander balls while watching Hilda, a show on Netflix that gives me all the warm fuzzies.


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No devices (you read it right)! The fuzzy socks from my formidable collection are required for hygge. Whether hot tea or cocoa, it’s one’s favorite mug that is important. A glass of vino or IPA relaxes a tense mind. One cannot, however, achieve true hygge without a dessert for oneself.


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My cozy, comfortable, contented place is on grandma’s old hand-me-down couch in our apartment living room. My back is propped with pillows against the arm rest, my legs are stretched along the seat, and I’m covered with a hand-crocheted blanket that was a wedding gift. I have a cup of hot tea within reach on the table, and I have something good to read as well as an interesting show to watch. Maybe I’m doing both at the same time, maybe not. If my husband is home from work, relaxing in his recliner and clicking the remote, then all’s right with the world.


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Land O Lakes hot cocoa mix. That’s how I hygge. End of story.


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A lifestyle embraced in Northern Europe, hygge is simple pleasures. Coffee shops, journaling, or a cozy warm corner nook at home. As the temperature drops hygge has also been an evening candlelight yoga session followed by tea and stargazing.


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I love learning new words! Hygge is a great one since it’s my favorite pastime. 😉
When I was young, I realized that making a hot cup of tea with a little carnation milk and toast after school was the perfect way to relax. I would light the fireplace and let it rise and crackle as I prepared my snack and finally settle on the floor in front of it to complete my homework.
Cozy, or hygge, is something that I know how to do well. I come into the house and right away head to the kitchen to make my tea. While it’s steeping, I get into my pajamas, put on a pair of fuzzy socks with aloe inside (If you haven’t tried them you must!), and turn on the Hallmark channel. That’s when I am most content.


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