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Our Favorite Outdoor Activities

The summer season officially begins this Saturday, June 20th! We’re excited for some beautiful weather and the opportunity to (safely) enjoy our favorite outdoor activities! We’ve also included our popular Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt at the bottom.

I enjoy going on bicycle rides. It's one of my favorite outdoor activities, especially when I come across a recreational trail that runs along a creek with little foot bridges. I enjoy sitting on my little patio with an iced tea and a book (enjoyable even with light rainfall). Parks, farmer's markets, festivals/fests, and amusement parks are also some things I enjoy doing in the summer.
RyanAdult Services Librarian
Running and bird watching -- sometimes simultaneously! The Dupage County Forest Preserve provides an excellent opportunity to do both with 145 miles of trails through 60 preserves.
DaveAdult Services Librarian
I love gardening. I planted some beans and they already grew a few inches tall. My peony flowers are blooming now.
LinyCirculation Clerk
Walking and gardening! I know that since sheltering in place began everyone has been wearing out their walking shoes, and I am so happy that previous non-walkers have discovered this practically perfect activity. Sometimes I listen to an audiobook or a podcast while I'm walking, and sometimes I am busting to work up a sweat. But mostly it is a meditative process where I just let my thoughts wander and enjoy the world around me. Gardening is hard work, pure pleasure, and results in beautiful homegrown vegetables, herbs and flowers -- say no more!
Soon HarAdult Services Librarian
Cooking out with family and taking walks.
ReginaTech Services

Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

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