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Our Go-To Apps

Here are our go-to apps that help us budget, create to-do lists, stay connected, keep us entertained and more!

1. Twitter - It took me a while to make the transition from Facebook to Twitter. I'd convinced myself that I just didn't get it when I first created my account. I'm weaning myself off Facebook and I like that I can see trending topics on Twitter and search hashtags that I'm interested in and subsequently, follow people who are interested in those same hashtags. 2. Catan Universe - I discovered Settlers of Catan a few years ago. The apps is great because you can play against the computer and you don’t need to hassle with the setup of the game board nor do you have to rely on two other willing players to be at your convenience. 3. Maps - I don’t use the Maps app too often but it sure does come in handy when I do.
RyanAdult Services Librarian
Many of my go-to apps are either space or radio related. ISS Detector informs when the International Space Station will fly overhead. SpaceWeather Live predicts the northern lights. TuneIn Radio picks up worldwide radio broadcasts.
DaveAdult Services Librarian
I love the Mint (by Intuit) app for budgeting and tracking my spending. It helps you make goals and actually meet them! It also tells you your credit score, and gives you tips on how to improve it. For entertainment, I love Spotify, Hoopla, and Libby. I don't stray too far away from those three for consumer content. However, I recently discovered an app called Tapas. This app publishes snackable comics. It's creative, fun, and different than things I have seen before. It's perfect for the manga lovers in your life!
JordanYouth Services Librarian
WhatsApp Messenger is a lifesaver for me -- despite knowing that Facebook is behind it collecting my data! It allows me to text, talk (with or without video), individually or as a group, send photos or videos, and basically stay connected to my family and friends around the world without a fee.
Soon HarAdult Services Librarian
Specifically during quarantine, Instacart proved to be a lifesaver, and many thanks to those drivers who brought us groceries! For list keeping, grocery lists, etc., I still like Evernote: simple, clean, easy. Lastly, this will sound like a shameless library plug, but I use either Libby or Hoopla every day, for audiobooks and eBooks. Audiobooks entertain and enlighten me in the car and help me sleep at night. Those apps are essential!
JimAdult Services Librarian
1. Spotify - I use this app to listen to podcasts. It is very handy. . . especially if you are in Podcast Club on Thursdays at the library. It is easy to search and saves your place. I also use Spotify for music. We have a family subscription so I can listen to almost any album or artist. 2. Libby has become one of my favorite reading apps. This app searches our Digital Library of Illinois collection. It is easy to use and has a pleasant interface. I like how the text reads with this app and bookmarking features. It is such a large collection I can always find something to read and my holds are coming in so fast I am having trouble keeping up! 3. Relax Melodies - On nights where I wake up and can't fall back asleep I have found that listening to relaxation music or sleep sounds is helpful. Calm is another app for this purpose. I haven't found one that is free and has the features I am looking for. I would love to hear about any apps like this that are helpful!
SiaAdult Services Librarian