Policies and FOIA

Freedom to Read

This statement, by the American Library Association, demonstrates our belief in patrons’ freedom to read.

Behavior Policy

These documents outline our behavior policy and guidelines of behavior while using the library.

Meeting Room Regulations

This document outline our policies, regulations, and application process for using the meeting rooms and other community rooms.

Collection Development

This policy determines how the library’s collection is developed.

Access to Materials

This statement outlines our policy regarding who can access materials and how those materials can be accessed.

Objection to Materials

This form provides an outlet for feedback on items that people find objectionable.

Use of Facilities

This document contains policy and guidelines pertaining to appropriate use of library facilities.

Internet Policy

This page details our policies, rules, and regulations for using computers and the Internet at the library.

FOIA Request

Learn about the records we keep and how to make a Freedom of Information Act Request.

Prevailing Wage Resolution

R-02-18 Adoption of Prevailing Wage. See the Department of Labor for current rates.