Study Room Regulations


There are three study rooms available to library patrons:

  1. Study Room 1  (Maximum 3)
  2. Study Room 2  (Maximum 3)
  3. Study Room 3  (Maximum 8)

The Board Room is a community room, not a study room.  However, the Board Room may be used to accommodate study room overflow when it is not in use for other purposes.  The Board Room cannot be reserved ahead of time.



  • Study rooms must be booked by someone high school age or older.  The person booking the study room is responsible for the actions of any minors they choose to bring into the room.
  • Study rooms can be used for any purpose that does not violate the general library “Use of Library Facilities” policy resolution.
  • Staff should attempt to assign rooms according to the size of the group.
  • Groups with more than three people have priority in the larger study space.
  • When possible, patrons are guaranteed two hours of study room use per session. This time will extend if no one is waiting to use the room.



  • Reservations for Study Rooms can be made up to one week in advance.
  • A patron can have a maximum of two active reservations, but not on the same day.
  • A patron who is using or has used a study room is unable to make or participate in any additional reservations on the same day (groups that have reserved or used a study room secured by one group member may not extend their time by securing a reservation for another group member).
  • Current study room sessions will not be ended to accommodate patrons who have previously used a study room that day.
  • Reservations will be held for 15 minutes beyond the scheduled session start time.  If a patron does not claim the reservation by that time it will be forfeited.