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Our New Year’s Resolutions

Goodbye, 2020! While New Year’s Eve felt a bit different this year, we’re still continuing the tradition of making our resolutions (and hopefully sticking with them).

New Year’s resolutions, tricky those. I do not make them, though I understand the appeal. My OCD list-making apprises me of tasks requiring tending and goals, in need of accomplishing. I’ll always want to be better at something, whether reducing my carbon footprint, creating less waste or gift-giving, which are permanent resolutions. As life is in perpetual flux, so lifelong learning is my rock. These days, I’m working on my MLIS and Spanish language development. Que el 2021 sea mejor y tu sueños estén en camino. May 2021 be better and your dreams, en route.


Public Services Librarian

My New Year’s resolution is to not make any. I decided long ago to work on the goals that I have set for myself all year long. However, I do complete a thorough check of how I did with them and what if anything (and lately it’s been a lot) needs to carry over to the following year. I believe that the new year does bring a feeling of a clean slate and I definitively see why most feel as if the excitement will provide just the boost they’ve been looking for to complete long overdue task and life changes.

I ALWAYS have a list as long as my arm of the many things that I would love to do the following year and my birthday is when I create that list. Some things I get to, others are crossed off, many carry over but I’ve learned to roll with the punches. What’s for me, is for me! and if I don’t have it or didn’t complete it, it was not for me, either now, then or perhaps even never and I am okay with that.


Youth Services Librarian

My resolution is to return my books on time, and do not renew more than twice if I haven’t started reading them yet. Also, shred my old files.


Youth Services Librarian

I am not even going to go into my “being more healthy resolutions” here! I could probably copy and paste those from the last 10 years of my life… ugh.

I am MUCH better at reading and learning goals! This year I want to brush up on both languages (besides English) that I can halfway communicate in: Spanish and Greek!

Glenside Public Library is going to be my most helpful partner in this resolution because I created an account in Mango Languages for FREE and downloaded the app on my phone. Now I can listen to lessons and exercise… two resolutions in one! The app is very easy to use and each chapter outlines the learning goals. There is a very sleek translation feature in the app or website as well. Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος or Happy New Year! Email or call the Adult Reference Desk if you need help accessing Mango.


Adult Services Librarian

I have made this resolution before and fail every year. This is the year!! I want to learn Tai Chi. The only thing that is keeping me from making progress is my own sloth. Making this resolution publicly may be just the ticket. Check back with me in May.


Youth Services Librarian

My reading resolution for the last two years has been to read 10,000 pages. Goodreads encourages you to set a number of books you want to read each year, but I think a pages read goal is better. My co-worker Karen enlightened me to this reading goal shift. By setting a goal of how many pages I’ve read, each page I read is of equal value. I could read 52 young adult books, children’s books, or short novels to make sure I hit my 52 books a year, but this often comes at the expense of skipping some books that I’m really interested in reading, The 9/11 Commission Report (yes, I know I’m late in actually reading this report, but I’m still interested in it!) or Dune or The Clan of the Cave Bear. I wish Goodreads would let us set a pages to read goal.

I’d like to be more active. I usually take a lot of walks in the spring, summer, and fall when the weather permits. I recently bought some pickleball equipment and secured a partner, so I’m hoping to play more pickleball in 2021.


Adult Services Librarian

My New Year’s resolution has been the same since 2006: Eat more fruit. Boring, but it works!


Adult Services Librarian